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The long-term aim of this project is to develop a programming environment specifically tuned to the needs of students and instructors, based on a modern high-level functional language such as Haskell. The environment will include tools for editing, running, and debugging programs, visualizing data and program structures, managing projects, accessing documentation, as well as allowing networked project collaboration. The emphasis will be on producing tools that are easy to use for students doing coursework, rather than being tuned for professional software development. Existing systems like BlueJ, DrScheme, Vital, and Helium try to accomplish this, but are still not very attuned to the needs of beginner students and lack features geared toward class usage and participation.

Brian Howard

Related Projects

Here are some more existing projects that we can look at to get ideas for the development environment:

I think that we will want to do at least the initial prototype in Java. A particularly nice, free, professional-quality development environment is eclipse.

Development Ideas

Here's some stuff on JabberChatting?






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