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If you are reading this on the web, then you can think of this as a single page with lots of hyperlinked sections, called "tiddlers". Using the menu at the upper-right corner of each section, you can selectively close tiddlers that you are not using.\n\nIf you would like to edit your own copy of this collection, simply save this page locally -- all of the content is stored in a single HTML file. When you have a local copy, you can edit sections, delete old content, or write new content. When you click "save changes" from the menu on the right, it will save a modified version of the HTML file on your local storage.\n\n[[TiddlyWiki Markup]] contains a reference for the available markup commands.
Macros let you write tiddlers containing more exotic objects than just text. See also [[TiddlyWiki Markup]]. Here are the built-in macros:\n\n|!Macro|!Description|!Syntax|\n|allTags|List all the tags used in the current TiddlyWiki file<<br>>Each entry is a button that pops up the list of tiddlers for that tag<<br>><<slider sliderID [[Internal Macros/tags]] 'Click to show example output'>>|{{{<<allTags>>}}}|\n|br|Force a line break|{{{<<br>>}}}|\n|closeAll|Displays a button to close all displayed Tiddlers<<br>><<closeAll>>|{{{<<closeAll>>}}}|\n|gradient|<<gradient [horiz|vert] #bbbbbb #eeeeee #ffffff>>Produces a horizontal or vertical background gradient fill>><<br>>There can be 2 or more colours in the format: #rrggbb (hex), or RGB(r,g,b) (CSS)<<br>>Other CSS formatting can also be added, e.g. {{{<<gradient vert #000000 #660000 #aa2222>>color:#ffffff;font-size:12pt;Darkness>>}}}|{{{<<gradient [horiz|vert] #bbbbbb #eeeeee #ffffff>>Some text here>>}}}|\n|list all|List all Tiddlers in a Tiddler|{{{<<list all>>}}}|\n|list missing|List all missing tiddlers|{{{<<list missing>>}}}|\n|list orphans|List all orphaned tiddlers|{{{<<list orphans>>}}}|\n|newJournal|Displays a button to create new date & Time stamped Tiddler (Date/time format optional)<<br>><<newJournal "DD MMM YYYY, hh:mm">> <<br>>You can also add optional tag names after the date format: <<newJournal "DD MMM YYYY, hh:mm" tag1 TagTwo>> |{{{<<newJournal [DateFormatString]>>}}} <<br>> {{{<<newJournal "DD MMM YYYY, hh:mm" tag1 TagTwo>>}}} |\n|newTiddler|Displays a button to create new Tiddler<<br>><<newTiddler>>|{{{<<newTiddler>>}}}|\n|permaview|Displays a button to change the URL link for all open Tiddlers - or the containing tiddler if used in the command bar (See the ViewTemplate)<<br>><<permaview>>|{{{<<permaview>>}}}|\n|saveChanges |Button to save all TiddlyWiki changes (or the current tiddler if used in the command bar (see EditTemplate)<<br>><<saveChanges>>|{{{<<saveChanges>>}}}|\n|search|Display a Search box<<br>><<search>>|{{{<<search>>}}}|\n|slider|Display a Slider (a collapsable display of another tiddler)<<br>>See the allTags entry for an example. Note: Put quotes around the label if needing spaces<<br>>where: ''ID''=cookie name to be used to save the state of the slider, ''Tiddler''=name of the tiddler to include in the slider, ''Label''=label text of the slider button, ''tooltip''=text of the buttons tooltip|{{{<<slider ID Tiddler [Label] [toolTip]>>}}}|\n|sparkline|Produces a sparkline graphic<<br>>e.g. <<sparkline 163 218 231 236 232 266 176 249 289 1041 1835 2285 3098 2101 1755 3283 3353 3335 2898 2224 1404 1354 1825 1839 2142 1942 1784 1145 979 1328 1611>>|{{{<<sparkline num1 num2 ... numN>>}}}|\n|tabs|Display Tabbed content (contents of tab provided by another tiddler)|{{{<<tabs indentifier tabLabel tabName Tiddler>>}}}|\n|tag|Display a Tag ~PopUp<<br>><<tag _Config>>|{{{<<tag tagName>>}}}|\n|tagChooser|Used in EditTemplate to add tags to the tags field. Doesn't actually add anything unless in edit mode (though it does show the list)<<br>><<tagChooser>>|{{{<<tagChooser>>}}}|\n|tagging|<<tiddler [[Internal Macros/tagging]]>>|{{{<<tagging [TiddlerTitle]>>}}}|\n|tiddler|Display contents of another tiddler inline|{{{<<tiddler Tiddler>>}}}|\n|timeline|Display a timeline list of tiddlers<<br>>where the sortfield is the sort order ("modified" or "created") and maxentries is the maximum number of entries|{{{<<timeline [sortfield] [maxentries]>>}}}|\n|today|Display Today's Date<<br>>e.g. <<today>>|{{{<<today [DateFormatString]>>}}}|\n|version|Display TiddlyWiki's version<<br>>e.g. <<version>>|{{{<<version>>}}}|\n\n!DateFormatString\nSeveral Macros including the today macro take a DateFormatString as an optional argument. This string can be a combination of ordinary text, with some special characters that get substituted by parts of the date:\n* DDD - day of week in full (eg, "Monday")\n* DD - day of month, 0DD - adds a leading zero\n* MMM - month in full (eg, "July")\n* MM - month number, 0MM - adds leading zero\n* YYYY - full year, YY - two digit year\n* hh - hours\n* mm - minutes\n* ss - seconds\n!Notes\nIf you need to supply a parameter that should be evaluated (e.g. a JavaScript variable), enclose the parameter in {{{{{}}} and {{{}}}}} rather than quotes. Note however, that the scope used in the evaluation is {{{global}}} rather than {{{local}}}. In other words, the evaluation is done ''before'' the parameter is passed to the macro/plugin so it cannot access any of the variables or functions defined within the macro/plugin.\n!Commands supported by the toolbar macro\n{{{\nconfig.commands = {\n closeTiddler: {text: "close", tooltip: "Close this tiddler"},\n closeOthers: {text: "close others", tooltip: "Close all other tiddlers"},\n editTiddler: {text: "edit", tooltip: "Edit this tiddler", readOnlyText: "view", readOnlyTooltip: "View the source of this tiddler"},\n saveTiddler: {text: "done", tooltip: "Save changes to this tiddler", readOnlyText: "done", readOnlyTooltip: "View this tiddler normally"},\n cancelTiddler: {text: "cancel", tooltip: "Undo changes to this tiddler", hideReadOnly: true},\n deleteTiddler: {text: "delete", tooltip: "Delete this tiddler", warning: "Are you sure you want to delete '%0'?", hideReadOnly: true},\n permalink: {text: "permalink", tooltip: "Permalink for this tiddler"},\n references: {text: "references", tooltip: "Show tiddlers that link to this one", popupNone: "No references"},\n jump: {text: "jump", tooltip: "Jump to another open tiddler"}\n };\n}}}\n(Julian Knight, 2006-04-06)\n<part tagging hidden>\nProduces a list (NB: <ul> ''not'' a popup) of links to tiddlers that carry the specified tag. If no tag is specified, it looks for tiddlers tagged with the name of the current tiddler.\nIn HTML, the list is formatted like so:\n{{{\n<ul>\n<li class="listTitle">List title label</li>\n<li><a class="tiddlyLink ..." href="javascript:;" onclick="..."\n refresh="link" tiddlyLink="ExampleOne">ExampleOne</a></li>\n</ul>\n}}}\n</part>\n<part tags hidden>\n<<allTags>>\n</part>
Welcome\nGettingStarted\n[[TiddlyWiki Markup]]
an experiment in micro-content
Funnie Business
.viewer {\n line-height: 125%;\n font-family: serif;\n font-size: 10pt;\n}\n
A TiddlyWiki is "a reusable non-linear personal web notebook." Here is a longer description from\n<<<\nWelcome to [[TiddlyWiki|]], a free [[MicroContent|]] [[WikiWikiWeb|]] created by [[JeremyRuston|]] and a busy Community of independent developers. It's written in HTML, CSS and ~JavaScript to run on any modern browser without needing any [[ServerSide|]] logic. It allows anyone to create personal [[SelfContained|]] hypertext documents that can be posted to a ~WebServer, sent by email or kept on a USB thumb drive to make a [[WikiOnAStick|]]. Because it doesn't need to be installed and configured it makes a great [[GuerillaWiki|]]. This is revision 2.1.3 of [[TiddlyWiki|]] (see [[recent changes|]]), and is published under an [[OpenSourceLicense|]].\n<<<
Here is a reference for the markup "language" used. See also [[Internal Macros]] (especially for the {{{<<br>>}}} macro that throws a new line).\n!Basic Formatting\n|!Format|!Markup|!Example|\n|Bold|{{{''Bold''}}} (2 single quotes)|''Bold''|\n|Highlight|{{{@@Highlight@@}}}|@@Highlight@@|\n|CSS Extended Highlights|{{{@@some css;Highlight@@}}}<<br>>For backwards compatibility, the following highlight syntax is also accepted: {{{@@bgcolor(#ff0000):color(#ffffff):red coloured@@}}}|@@background-color:#ff0000;color:#ffffff;red coloured@@|\n|Extended Example|{{{This is before the indented text}}}<<br>>{{{@@display:block;margin-left:2em;This text will be indented...}}}<<br>>{{{...and can even span across several lines...}}}<<br>><<br>>{{{...or even include blank lines.}}}<<br>>{{{@@This is after the indented text}}}|This is before the indented text<<br>>@@display:block;margin-left:2em;This text will be indented...<<br>>...and can even span across several lines...<<br>><<br>>...or even include blank lines.<<br>>@@This is after the indented text<<br>>|\n|Custom CSS Class|<html><code>{{wrappingClass{Text that is now accentuated}}}</code></html><<br>>By default, the text is placed in a <span>. To use a <div> instead, insert a line break before the text (after the single {)<<br>>In the CSS: {{{.wrappingClass {color: red;} }}}|Add .wrappingClass to StyleSheet|\n|Italic|{{{//Italic//}}}|//Italic//|\n|Monospaced text|<html><code>{{{ ... }}}</code></html>|{{{Monospaced text}}}|\n|Monospaced block multiline|Put <html><code>{{{</code></html> and <html><code>}}}</code></html> on their own lines|<html><pre>{{{<br/>Monospaced<br/>Multi-line<br/>Block<br/>}}}</pre></html>|\n|Strikethough|{{{--Strikethrough--}}}|--Strikethrough--|\n|Subscript|{{{~~Subscript~~}}}|Text~~Subscript~~|\n|Superscript|{{{^^Superscript^^}}}|Text^^Superscript^^|\n|Underlined|{{{__Underline__}}}(2 underscores)|__Underscored__|\n|Any HTML|{{{<html><span>any</span><br /><b>valid</b> <em>xhtml</em></html>}}}|<html><span>any</span><br /><b>valid</b> <em>xhtml</em></html>|\n!"Document" Structure\n|!Format|!Markup|!Example|\n|Headings|{{{!Heading 1}}}<<br>>{{{!!Heading 2}}}|<html><h1>Heading 1</h1><h2>Heading 2</h2><h3>Heading 3</h3><h4>Heading 4</h4><h5>Heading 5</h5></html>|\n|Any HTML|{{{<html><p>any valid xhtml</p></html>}}}|<html><p>any valid xhtml</p></html>|\n|Block quotes|{{{>Blockquote}}}<<br>>Can be nested using multiple >|<html><blockquote>Blockquote<blockquote>Nested Blockquote</blockquote></blockquote></html>|\n|Blockquotes - Multiline|<html><tt><<<</tt><br/>multi-line<br/>blockquote<br/><tt><<<</tt></html> |<html><blockquote>multi-line<br/>blockquote</blockquote></html>|\n|Horizontal Rule|{{{----}}} (4 dashes on a line of their own)|<html><hr></html>|\n|Images|{{{[img[favicon.ico]]}}}<<br>>Note that image files are always external to the TW file|[img[]]|\n|Inline Comments|{{{/% .... %/}}}<<br>>Text between the markers will not be shown in view mode|Not shown: /% Not Shown %/|\n|Links|Any WikiWord (creates a link to a tiddler whether it exists or not).<<br>>Note that a WikiWord has to start with a capital letter and have a further mix of upper and lower case.|PageTemplate|\n|~|{{{[[Manual Link]]}}} (Especially for tiddlers with spaces in their titles)|[[Table of Contents]]|\n|~|{{{[[Pretty Link|Some Crafty Link]]}}}<<br>>Note: Makes an external link if the target does not yet exist (e.g. {{{[[Not Yet A Tiddler|NotYetATiddler]]}}})|[[Pretty Link|MainMenu]]<<br>>[[Not Yet A Tiddler|NotYetATiddler]]|\n|~|Automatic external link {{{}}}||\n|~|Pretty external link<<br>>{{{[[My Home Page|]]}}}|[[My Home Page|]]|\n|~|OS Folder link<<br>>Windows Share: {{{file://///server/share}}}<<br>>Windows Local: {{{file:///c:/folder/file}}}<<br>>Un*x Local File: {{{file://folder/file}}}<<br>>Relative File: {{{folder/file}}}||\n|List - Bulleted|{{{* List entry}}}|<html><ul><li>Bullet List</li></ul></html>|\n|List - Numbered|{{{# List entry}}}|<html><ol><li>Numbered List</li></ol></html>|\n|List - Nested|Both list types can be nested by using multiple * or #<<br>>Note that * and # must be the first character of the line as with all block format markup.<<br>>{{{* 1st level}}}<<br>>{{{** 2nd level}}}|<html><ul><li>1st Level<ul><li>2nd Level</li></ul></li></ul></html>|\n|Definition List|{{{;Term}}}<<br>>{{{:Definition}}}|<html><dl><dt>Term</dt><dd>Definition</dd></dl></html>|\n|Tables| {{{|}}} |Column Seperator |\n|~| {{{!}}} |Header (Row or Column) |\n|~| {{{>}}} |Column Span |\n|~| {{{~}}} |Row Span |\n|~| {{{|Left |}}} |Left Align |\n|~| {{{| Right|}}} |Right Align|\n|~| {{{| Center |}}} |Center Align |\n|~| {{{|Caption|c}}} |Table Caption (Can be at top or bottom)|\n|~| {{{|Header|h}}} |Marks the row as being a header row (will be wrapped with a {{{<thead>}}} and so all entries are automatically formatted as per {{{|!}}} cells)|\n|~| {{{|Footer|f}}} |Marks the row as being a footer row (will be wrapped with a {{{<tfoot>}}}, no special formatting is pre-defined for this but can be added to your own CSS)|\n|~| {{{|CSSclass|k}}} |Applies a CSS class to the table to allow additional formatting (NB: only works if no whitespace after the k)|\n|~|>|Note that the additional CSS classes evenRow and oddRow are automatically applied to all rows of the table. But evenRow is applied to the "first" row as per JavaScript convention (it is the zero'th row which is strangely considered even!).|\n|~|>|To have a table with no borders at all. Use {{{|noBorder|k}}} with the CSS (in your StyleSheet tiddler):<<br>>{{{ .noBorder,.noBorder td,.noBorder th,.noBorder tr{border:0 !important} }}}|\n!!Table Sample\n{{{\n|table caption at top|c\n|header|header|h\n|text, more text, more text|text, more text, more text|\n|!heading|!heading|\n|>|colspan=2|\n|rowspan|left align |\n|~| center |\n|bgcolor(green):green| right|\n|footer|footer|f\n|table caption at bottom|c\n}}}\n|table caption at top|c\n|header|header|h\n|text, more text, more text|text, more text, more text|\n|!heading|!heading|\n|>|colspan=2|\n|rowspan|left align |\n|~| center |\n|bgcolor(green):green| right|\n|footer|footer|f\n|table caption at bottom|c\n!Notes\nYou can use the custom CSS formatter in combination with headers and lists to allow new lines within the entry. e.g.:\n{{{\n#{{block{\nBullet 1\nSome text in the same bullet\n(Note that "block" can be anything, it is the formatters CSS class name)\n }}}\n# Bullet 2 \n}}}\n#{{block{\nBullet 1\nSome text in the same bullet\n}}}\n# Bullet 2 \n\n(Julian Knight, 2006-05-11)
This is a TiddlyWiki home page for This site is the home of the following projects:\n* [[Funnie|/projects/funnie]]: the Functional Networked Integrated Environment\n* [[CSC|/projects/csc]]: ~DePauw University Computer Science Department